School Bus Safety


It’s every ones responsibility to safeguard school buses. When it comes to those who are directly related to school transportation, making the school travel safe and secure is a top most priority. Here are some simple but effective tips we can follow to have even more secure school transportation.


  • Take your children 5 minutes before the arrival of bus for their safety.
  • Teach them basics of bus travel – fastening seat belts, checking bag straps, drawstrings and shoe laces before entering a bus and preventing any injury or accident.
  • Tell them about pedestrian rules – like walking on foot path and not on roads, keeping 10 ft distance from bus
  • Ask children to be in the sight of a bus driver for their safety
  • Always ask children to step out of bus while looking at their right side to prevent any injuries.


  • Never put hands, arms or head out of window.
  • Step in / out of bus in queue. Never run or push a school-mate out of bus gate
  • Always follow bus driver’s instructions
  • Take your seat promptly and sit properly. Don’t rest your head on the seat ahead to prevent injuries.
  • Hold bags and parcels in your lap or overhead stowage.
  • Do not stick your feet into the aisle, someone might trip
  • Talk quietly. The driver must concentrate to drive the bus safely.
  • Don’t eat inside a bus. It may choke you.
  • Do not stand or walk inside the bus when it is on the move.

Bus Staff

  • Equip yourself with training to deal with emergency situations
  • Do not over speed, the bus safety is in your hands.
  • Keep First Aid box equipped at all times
  • Be in control of the vehicle and carry daily inspections
  • Keep an eye on every child travelling. Their safety is on you.
  • Make a vehicle safety checklist like tires, bus interiors, and follow it

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