I Love My School Bus


“I Love My School Bus” is all about you and school bus. You as a student, parent and school authority.  School Buses are considered as one of the largest mass transit system in the world, commuting millions of students every day. Considering the type of passengers, who are mostly kids of young ages and adolescents, the school transport system is very sensitive and required to be fool proof. Governments across the globe has stringent measures in place when it comes to school bus safety. United Arab Emirates has strict guidelines for school authorities, bus staff, parents and children. Moreover the school buses need to have stringent safety and security measures in place  and should pass set standards on a regular basis.

With all rules and regulations in place, with all care and diligence, mishaps occur. And when it occurred, the end result was disastrous. An online search will bring up sad and disturbing stories of accidents and fatalities involving innocent school children. Most of them being result of negligence and lack of awareness.

The other aspect is promoting use of school bus as a preferred mode of transportation for commuting school children. World over, transportation of school children by way of private vehicles is adding heavy cost on the system by way of fuel usage, emissions and traffic chaos. It is estimated that an average school bus which can transport 50 children can replace 36 family vehicles. Imagine what this will contribute to easing the congestion on roads. It is very obvious that during school holidays, there is a big relief of traffic on roads. Most of the time, it’s the feeling of in-security that evades parents from sending their wards by school bus.  Effectively, school buses are far more safe and secure than private vehicles and good for children’s socio-psychological well being.

It is at this juncture Western Auto decided to take up this issue for a good cause.  In association with King Long Buses, one of the largest manufacturer of buses and coaches, Western Auto devised this awareness drive for all concerned.  It’s a 360 Degree approach what Western Auto envisages. This involve school bus safety and promoting school bus transportation.

Children, parents, schools and authorities are invited to be part of this great cause. Show your solidarity by spreading the news, contributing ideas and content and by sharing on social platforms. You can also participate on discussion forums and can be part of events.

Together, let’s make school buses even safer and the preferred mode of transport for children.